Maggie Ryan


b. 1986, HK.


A bit about myself.  

Growing up in a quiet country town in Australia didn’t teach me a thing about advertising but it did give me a LOT of free time to get creative. It wasn’t until I studied Creative Advertising at RMIT, Melbourne that I learnt how to use these creative powers to a brand's advantage. 

The night before graduating, I scored my first full-time gig at DDB, Melbourne. It was here I learnt the true meaning of a hard day’s work and I also made it onto the Young Lions Digital Finalists list. I then landed my next gig at Leo Burnett, Melbourne, which has just been ranked as the 9th most creative agency in the world. 

I’ve had the privilege to work on clients such as Samsung, Honda, Bonds, Twinings, Peters, SPC, 7-Eleven, General Mills, Victoria University, Hertz and Telstra.

I’ve just started a side hustle called, Bad Mannered Baking. (Please buy something.) And I’ve also been a guest speaker at RMIT University. (Bless the next gen’s little hearts.)

And that’s my ad journey thus far. I’m curious by nature but ironically have more phobias than I'd like to admit. If you’d like to know what they are or more about my ad work, please get in touch.

Peace ✌️